Viral Video of Dog’s Adorable Way of Asking to Put on Pajamas Viewed 6M Times

A video of a dog asking to have pajamas put on when he’s cold went viral on TikTok with 6.8 million views. Salem is the dog of TikToker @siriuslysalem, who has numerous videos dedicated to her two dogs Salem and Sirius, who are a Doberman mix and a Golden Retriever mix, respectively.

The TikToker has trained her dogs to help her with various tasks, such as getting the clothes out of the dryer and putting them in a basket. In one of her videos, @siriuslysalem explained that she has « Crohn’s disease, arthritis, and multiple other autoimmune and chronic illnesses. »

« I’ve task-trained the boys over the last few years to help me on my really bad days, » she explained. The dogs do things such as get the remote, remove socks, and assist in getting medicine and beverages.

According to Pedigree Foundation, temperatures ranging from 45 degrees or more usually won’t require a covering such as a sweater for dogs. However, once the weather drops below 45 degrees, some breeds of dogs will need an extra added layer. If it’s 32 degrees or below, smaller breeds, older dogs, and puppies, as well as dogs with thinner coats will need a sweater or extra layer.

In the viral video of Salem, it started with his owner sitting on the couch with the pooch on the other end. He looked off toward where his sweater pajamas were perched on a kennel and on occasion looked in his owner’s direction in a rather sad way with his tail wagging.

Apparently, when Salem gets cold, he has a tendency to sit and cry until his owner puts pajamas on him. « So it’s pretty cold here in Vegas this morning, and Salem keeps staring at me, which means he probably is cold and wants his sweater on, » @siruislysalem said. « I’m going to see if he’ll get it for me like he does. »

She called Salem by name, and he looked at her. « What do you want? Get it, » she told him. « Get it. » With that, Salem got off the couch and grabbed his pajamas in his mouth, carrying them back to his owner.

A TikTok video of a dog’s cute way of asking to put on pajamas has gone viral. In this photo, a Golden Retriever is seen sitting.

« You want your jammies on? » she asked him. « OK, let’s put them on. »

The dog looked excited, and next, we see him in a set of green, blue, and black checkered pajamas that covered up the sides of his face, ears, and body as he stared at the camera. His owner asked if he was « nice and warm now, » and Salem just wagged his tail.

« Look at that, your ears are even warm, » @siriuslysalem said to her dog.

The video has been liked 2 million times with 14,000 comments on it. Viewers seemed to really love Salem and his sweater jammies.

« What a distinguished-looking gentleman, » one TikToker said about Salem.

People had a lot of different reactions. One viewer admitted they, « just made the most inhuman noise in reaction to how cute he is. »

Another TikToker doesn’t want to be dramatic, but they’d « die for Salem in pj’s. »

Others had comments that called the video « absolutely adorable, » and « This is the cutest video I’ve ever seen. »

A TikTok user didn’t mince words. « This deserves all the hearts and love, too precious! » the viewer said.

A fan thinks the video is, « the most adorable thing ever. » They also added, « Oh my goodness that freaking face! »

Newsweek reached out to @siriuslysalem for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

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