This Forgotten Classic Anime Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Matrix, the story of a young girl trapped in a false reality, but with the help of technology and wires, she is able to free herself. Wait, that’s not Matrix. This The plot belongs to the forgotten anime Serial test Lain. This 1998 anime may have similar themes to Matrix and Neon Genesis Evangelion, but nothing compares to the satirical world of Serial test Lain.

Some classic anime fans are perhaps unfamiliar with this extraordinary story, and for whatever reason, Serial test Lain not as popular as other animes of the time. Thirteen volumes make up the story of a fourteen-year-old girl named Lain Iwakura. Like the other girls in her class, Lain receives an email from Chisa Yomoda, a girl in her class who committed suicide. Except these emails were sent out after Chisa’s death. In the email, Chisa claims to be still alive in the wire. This shocks Lain, leading her to a path of self-discovery. Although creator Yasuyuki Ueda and lead writer Chiaki J. Konaka not only created another anime, like the world belong to Serial test Lain filled with symbols, themes, and messages that audiences can carry.


When I watched it for the first time Serial test Lain Important messages and symbols can be overlooked due to the bizarre and surreal nature of its world. Instead, by looking at the themes contained in the anime, it is possible to better understand Ueda’s message.

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serial-experimental technology

The topic is clear in Serial test Lain is technology. At first, Lain wasn’t familiar with wires, but she was given a new Navi given by her father, Yasuo Iwakura. Navi is a well-known brand of computers and phones, similar to Apple. Unlike Apple products, Navi easily modified and adjusted to allow better access to the cord. Lain took this ability further than any other, consuming all her thoughts. It is comparable to a drug. The more Lain upgrades her Navi, the more things she has, making it impossible for you to leave. It’s a bit ironic because there’s also a drug called Accela made from nanotechnology that is said to make the user’s brain work faster.

Ueda’s words seem to be a darker parallel of ours. Technology has taken over many people’s lives, leading to seek it like a medicine. Others want to abandon the real world entirely for digital, or worse, merge the two. Although sarcastic, Ueda’s message is clear, the Internet is perfect for communication although it is no substitute for reality, but what about religion?



Another trending topic in Serial test Lain is religion. While discovering more about the rope, Lain heard the whispers of a god living within. Conversations about whether this God was created in the wire or whether it created the world are all questioned. In the pursuit to learn more about this God, Lain’s skills on the rope considered legendary, makes Lain look like a god. Aside from the crazy possibility of wires and crosshairs in the show, a scene perfectly depicts Lain emerging from the clouds in a halo of light.

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Ueda’s use of these images in relation to Lain and technology seems to comment on how people view technology as an omnipotent being. As for Lain being compared to a god, it could be seen as any other person on the internet. On the wire/internet, a person can be anything, even God. Identity is shaped to fit the mold the user wants, sometimes turning into something terrible.



The last topic of Identity is the hardest Lain has to face. Terrible rumors spread that Lain discovered more parts of her identity than she initially believed. Divided into several parts, Lain can be seen to have three distinct identities throughout the show. The first identifying feature is her sweet nature living in the real world. Her evil and aloof half is on the ropes, and in the end, that’s who she really is. Line is software. She is a high school student, a friend, a daughter and a memory.

Identity can be difficult to discover, especially for high school students. Ueda took this surreal story and add a grounding element allows viewers to associate with the main character by integrating this theme into the story. In the end, that’s all Lain wants is to discover who she is and where she should be.

Serial test Lain is an extraordinary anime with so much that one could spend hours analyzing it. The story takes the audience on a journey unlike any other anime out there. Serial test Lain should not be forgotten; instead, anime fans should seek out this show and experience it for themselves.

Serial test Lain available to stream on Funimation.

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