Resident Evil REvisited mod aims to serve as a prequel to RE1

There is some incredible work that comes from Resident Evil modding community. Recently, a special mod for the PC version of RE2 hit my eyes. The newly revealed Resident Evil REvisited is a collaborative effort intended to serve as a prequel to original game and as a bridge to the SD Perry novels.

What is the Resident Evil REvised mod?

The Resident Evil REvised mod serves as a prequel to RE1. It takes us to the Arklay Mountains and the Spencer Mansion before the events of the original game when the outbreak was in its infancy. The playable character, Trent (aka Victor Darius), in this mod will be very familiar to fans of the SD Perry novels. He’s an Umbrella agent sent to collect valuable data from the Spencer Mansion, and he’ll have to fight through zombies, puzzles, and other obstacles to get to it.

In the trailer, we can see the team behind the mod created some of the original areas and tweaked others. We know that part of it will take place in Spencer Mansion, but it won’t just be extracted directly from the original game. Instead, modders expanded it by adding regions from the GameCube remake. The motel in the trailer is also interesting as it was adapted from one of the Resident Evil Outbreak cut scenarios. We will also explore areas in the Arklay Mountains for the first time.

Of course, as with many fan projects, we can’t be certain that we’ll see the full release of Resident Evil REvisited. Many promising RE mods have made good progress and were abandoned over the years. However, the team claims a demo is coming soon, which is a good sign. There’s no definite release date for the demo, so we’ll have to go ahead and hope it’s out soon. Resident Evil REvisited mod aims to serve as a prequel to RE1

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