PMGC 2021 India Finals will be awarded to BGIS winners

Winner Battlegrounds India Series (BGIS) 2021 will receive direct invitations to PUBG Mobile Tencent revealed in an email today at the 2021 Global Championship (PMGC) finals.

The PMGC Finals will take place from January 21-23. Besides an invitation from India, it will feature the top nine and six teams from the ongoing PMGC finals for east and south. West. The tournament finals will take place from January 22 to 24.

With the winning team of BGIS, 16 teams will compete in the final round of PMGC 2021 to compete for the title of world champion. Tencent’s e-sports director previously told Dot Esports that the PMGC finals will take place as a “semi-LAN” event. This means that only a select number of teams will be moved to another location to eliminate ping differences.

BGIS is the official contest for Battlegrounds Mobile India since its release in July. The game is a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile after the latter was banned in the country due to data privacy concerns. Krafton later released the game as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The online qualifiers for BGIS are ongoing. The top teams will advance to the quarterfinals and semi-finals, and into the 16-team final round of the $131,000 event. The finals are scheduled to take place between January 13 and 16, where teams will play a total of 20 matches, according to Liquipedia, to decide who gets an invite to the PMGC. PMGC 2021 India Finals will be awarded to BGIS winners

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