PC Invasion’s Games of 2021 – Martynas ‘pick

What a year, what a year, but I’m still trying to compile a list of five PC games I’ve played in 2021 that are really good. I suppose I could add an interesting bad game to the mix. But I wrote a review and two guides for Chorus, so let’s not waste words.

These are my top five PC games for 2021.

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War was released in 2004, and it’s all gone downhill since then. I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I’m sure we all love it Dark Crusade expanded and some people really like Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 (multiplayer, IIRC). But when it came to AAA titles, we were left out, and then even weighed down by coprolite that is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 (yes, I’m glad they announced Continued work on it has been cancelled).

enter Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, published by Slitherine and developed by Black Lab Games, the people behind the excellent game Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock. It not only creates transcendental universe game (image is the only place Battlefleet Gothic wins), it somehow completely changed its skill set to create a turn-based strategy game.

I was skeptical at first, but boy was I proven wrong. Battlesector Looks great, sounds great and is fun to play. Among some of its downsides (ranged Marine units are junk in melee and none of them come out with weapon combinations), most of it resembles its predecessors. Warhammer 40,000: Reach of Sanctus and turn-based strategy genre in general. Sanctus . reach wins by having unit durability issues but, well, that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with sequels or if we’re lucky, big free DLCs. Hopefully, the upcoming Necron DLC is just a welcome portal to what’s to come.

How bad can the game you play on the Tyranids be?


I don’t even remember how I got it code for Encased two years ago. Could be magic, could be one of the editors here. The thing is, I’ve been following the development of this game for a while. And you know what? It did not disappoint when it came out.

In coated, you are taken on a one-way trip under the Dome, a strange alien relic discovered in the 1970s instead. The whole world is united in the effort to discover and exploit this place. And you are the newest, taking the elevator into the land covered by the Dome. Things go sideways pretty quickly and you’re probably going to save the world.

There’s a lot of freedom in coated, even if the plot progression doesn’t keep you out of certain areas until you’ve done enough of that. If you just skim through the main story, the game won’t seem that long. However, the main directive of any RPG player is to ignore the main plot for as long as possible (wonder if the game developers will ever get around to that), and there are quite a few avenues. less difficulty that you can go on. All in all, a great CRPG with a unique setup.

Weapons in coated can be leveled up, with certain levels offering minor visual and gameplay changes.


HighFleet best described as a very tactile rumination of dieselpunk aircraft commando set in a combination of the Russian Civil War and the Soviet War in Afghanistan. You are the prince in command of a fleet held overhead by engines that burn millions of tons of liquid methane. Rebel nobles in an eastern province captured the capital. Now you must use your cunning, your fleet and the allies you gather along the way to advance to the insurgent capital, capture the nuclear controller there and make them sit at the negotiating table.

HightFleet both difficult and strange. You can design your own ship, and each bit you solder with another bit can get shot out – but it can also be used as wear-resistant armor. You can build ships that are almost impossible to dodge the ground and rely on their large numbers to survive, or build small interceptors that black out their pilots three times per battle. You can manually mark the radar returns on the map and then measure them to get an idea of ​​the speed of the communication. You can decode radio calls and raid convoys. You can launch attacks on towns with cruise missiles. What you can’t do is use nukes, because once the sun isn’t canned, the enemy will use it.

Oh, and the sound is amazing.

That little rocket you can even see on the right? It is possible that the nucleus and my left fleet perished.

The Unity of Command II DLC

Now, I’m just a country kid who doesn’t know if the bad guys will fall below them in the ‘game’ box, but the editor isn’t in the same room as me at the time of writing, so I’ll assume I can get away with it.

Over 2021, the absolute peaks at Croteam and 2×2 Games have been pushed out three DLC for 2019 The Unity of Command II. And boy, where the DLC all experience. While the main game puts us in control of Allied forces in Europe and the 2020s Blitzkrieg let’s take command of the Nazis during the initial invasions of Poland and France and associates (a grotesque period in favor of saving saliva on the Panthers and other nonsense of the era) end of the war), Barbarossa eventually brought us to the Eastern Front.

And command the Nazi forces at the height of their power look easy, it is not. You soon ran into the problem that champions actually did. Specifically, the Soviet Union is huge and your forces are not endless, while the Soviet reinforcements seem to be. Your advance will eventually succeed with the domes of the Kremlin already visible. Moscow 41 let us strike back as the Soviets, taking from us the elite forces you so desperately need to preserve and trade in exchange for armies no stronger than the Axis allies that you loathe used before.

Not the best day to be a Nazi in Voronezh.

Final DLC, Stalingrad, take us back to our gooseneck boots for the summer race to Stalingrad. And a quick kick to the teeth as the weather turns cold, and your overwhelming forces are again halted by the Soviet attack.

Some people like to say that The Unity of Command II It’s more of a puzzle game, but heck, this ‘puzzle game’ makes you feel like you’re on the ground, slowly realizing that maybe invading the Soviet Union was a mistake.

Tails of Iron

Now, I haven’t thought about Tails of Iron much after I finished it, but I have to say it’s an excellent, little game. That was a surprise to me, because it was, if you squint to actually hear, soul-like. However, the soul is in combat, not in the game world or the game’s implications when dying.

In fact, as the mouse prince Redgi, you really don’t want to die. But your kingdom has been overrun by merciless frogs, so you take the sword and fight the mobs. You can also collect a variety of other weapons and equipment to fight off giant bugs, undead and some other creatures.

Tails of Iron it’s not a very long game and Iron Pineapple hit it with precision to crush and spin again, but it’s like a repeat thing, nonstop charming. The art is full of beautiful episodes that will steal your heart, the writing is fun even if the main story is a bit weak. The sound is great, and of the two games I tried this year, this one actually didn’t have Geralt’s voice actor in the game. In fact, he’s the only voice in the game, and it works perfectly.

I’m really not good at taking battle screenshots, so here are all the armors I collected during the campaign

Honor Mention: Halo Infinite

Now I know why people like Halo Multiplayer: it’s not a sensational shooter, but it’s not a crazy game like The tournament is not real/Quake/Death/et cetera. And it’s monetized in the only ethical way: by making you crave for more customizable items.

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