Hawkeye Episode 6 Easter Eggs

The following article contains additional sections for Hawk Eye and Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home.This week Hawk Eye The episode wraps up the series with tons of action and adventure, and opens up some new doors for Marvel’s heroes. In typical MCU fashion, one story ends, but a world of possibilities has been opened up for another, especially since it’s unclear if the big bad zipper in the entire series is dead. .

As for the origin of a story, Kate Bishop’s character is well established for future projects. While it looks like Clint’s journey has ended pretty well, it’s likely that the archers will join forces again when the time comes for the next big battle. It has been confirmed that Mafia Tracksuit member Maya Lopez, AKA Echo, will get her own Disney Plus series, most likely detailing events in her life now that she may or may not have killed the infamous Kingpin and given up on the membership of Mobs. The pieces of Laura Barton’s story are still left, too, and Yelena has a lot more to do when she learns the truth about Natashs’ death. While all this is happening, episode 6 including a few easter eggs has some pretty big impact on the future.


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